Jiant are London’s Party Superheroes - we are clear open and honest, we build relationships with clients that last years and we make our work and relationships great, personal and fun – close relationships equal better understanding, better understanding equals better events.


As we do such a high volume of business with our venues, as well as having over 40 years’ experience with them and their owners - depending upon the venue - our clients can benefit from some or all the below advantages:


  • Preference on dates and longer holds
  • Reduced hire fees
  • Reduced service charges
  • Drinks Packages – where they are not normally offered
  • Discounted drinks pricing
  • Members rates in the members clubs
  • Access to members clubs
  • Superior Service on the night
  • Come back, should something go wrong on the night
  • A great and professional service free of charge
  • You contract directly with the venue, so you can see exactly how your money is spent

  • Events with Jiant are stress free from beginning to end
  • We are experts at negotiating deals
  • Our personal relationships with venue owners means that pricing and min spends are often less than would be quoted directly by the venue’s events team
  • Our in-house stylist/artist/creative associate is hands on with a team of art students, everything is in-house often making the little extras more affordable for our clients
  • Direct access to DJ’s, bands and artists means that Jiant clients also save on large Agency fee’s
  • Finally and maybe most importantly – we are great fun to work with!


“If you can’t have fun arranging a party what is the point?”

”Call and talk to us as much as you need – we are after all “here to be hassled”

“Let’s send the client home with all their requirements met, a great, perfect party AND some change in their pockets”

“Working with Jiant is like a VIP Ride on a Red Carpet”
It was a great event and we received a huge amount of compliments. But we know it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good if we hadn’t had your expertise and support.
— Sold Out