Jennifer Tanner - HEAD HONCHO



Jennifer began her career in sales, promotions and PR. In 1995 she found what she was born to do – a career in events in the Club world, falling into her first role as Events Manager at a privately owned nightclub in Mayfair. After three years in this role, Jennifer had an epiphany - with her contacts and understanding of the 'club owners' and capacity to speak the ‘corporate language’ she recognised that there was an opportunity… 

Jiant was born in 1998 and was the first company that would act as a bridge between the club and corporate worlds, making night clubs, for the very first time, actually accessible to company and corporate events. Jiant used its contacts and experience to tie up exclusive deals with the key players of the club industry such as: The Cross, Fabric, Pacha and Browns, to name just a few.  

In 2003 Jiant opened up its portfolio, not only working with any venue in London that matches their clients brief, but also offering a direct production and creative element. We like to keep it cool, fun and innovative - we do not offer the 'package' or 'churned out' style of event. Everything we do is tailor-made and has an edge.

Even though we are known as London’s Party and Venue Superheroes, we still aspire to and continue to grow - increasing our portfolio not only of clients and venues, but also of our knowledge and experience.

Natasha Bloom - SECRET WEAPON





Natasha started her career in the world of advertising.  As a creative, well-connected person, she was asked to get involved in the organising of some of the company events, which for her was more fulfilling than the actual job as an ad exec. At this time, an opportunity came up for her to work for a high-end restaurant as their events manager and membership secretary, starting her life in the worlds of events and marketing for many well-known restaurants and nightclubs.  It was in this period Jennifer and Natasha became friends and colleagues.

In 2003 after having so much fun getting ready for a fancy dress party, Natasha decided to train as a make-up artist and body painter.  Continuing to work with her contacts in the world of nightclubs, she became the go-to girl for staff face-paint, dancer body-paint, club decorations and styling, expanding to source entertainment and acts for their events too.  

After years of supplying Jiant with these many resources, it made sense for Natasha to come on board in a dedicated creative role, enabling clients to get exceptional acts and spectacular decorations at the actual cost price, rather than via an agent.