Jennifer Tanner - HEAD HONCHO

Jennifer began her career in sales, promotions and PR with a stint at Lynne Franks and three years at Carole Hayes PR.  With her experience in PR and passion for clubbing and music she landed in the job she was born to do - a career in events in the club world.  Falling into her first role as Events Manager at a privately owned nightclub in Mayfair. After three years in this role, Jennifer had an epiphany - with her contacts and understanding of the 'club owners' and ability to speak the ‘corporate language’ she recognized that there was an opportunity… 

Jennifer set up Jiant in 1998 and has never looked back since.  Jiant was the bridge between the club and corporate worlds, making nightclubs, for the first time, accessible to the corporate market.  It was also one of the very first London based events companies to offer a Free Venue Finding Service.

Jiant brought together everything that Jennifer loved - meeting people, putting on great parties, deal making, budgets, having fun, nurturing and building relationships, both with her clients and London’s top venues and lots and lots of dancing.

Natasha Bloom - SECRET WEAPON

Natasha started her career in the world of advertising.  As a well-connected person, she was asked to get involved in organising some of the company events, which for her was more fulfilling than the actual job itself.  At this time, an opportunity came up for her to work for a high-end restaurant as their events manager and membership secretary - starting her life in the world of events.  She went on to manage venues and continued working in events, specializing in innovative entertainment, slick dinners and became known for her attention to detail.

After years of supplying Jiant with entertainment, it made sense for Natasha to come on board in a dedicated creative role, enabling clients to get exceptional entertainment at the cost price, rather than via an agent. 


Jiant has a portfolio of TRUSTED PARTNERS, made up of professionals, freelancers and experts, brought in as and when they are needed - depending on the event and your specific needs. 

We stick to what we are known for – Event and Party Planning in London - organising great parties, delicious dinners and slick conferences.  By keeping our operation small, clean and simple, we are able to provide a free venue finding service, giving you the numerous benefits that come with working with Jiant.