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our clients love us for many reasons, but particularly because our party planning , venue finding and event management services are free.  we deliver seAmless events and when a client is after that ‘special something’, we are bursting with ideas to create an event that has extra ‘wow’ factor

Feedback was fab, everyone loved it :)
— Hobs Salons
Well, what can I say. Last night’s party was the best ever. I can’t fault one little bit of it. I have had so many compliments today and yesterday.

One lady caught me in the toilets and said that she has been in London for 3 years and this is the best party she had ever been to.

Food was gorgeous, and the venue was fabulous, being in the City was great as it was very convenient for us.

I can’t thank you both enough for thinking of me so early in the year and making sure we got this venue.
— Credit Suisse First Boston
General consensus from everyone is that it was a fantastic evening best one yet in our ten year history, Keep them coming. Well done girlfriend.
— Debenhams
Thank you for all your help in organising, everyone had a really good night and the feedback on Friday was positive so yay us!
— Citi Group
Bloody gorgeous party. You angel!
— Conde Nast Digital
On behalf of Infosys Consulting, we would like to say a massive thank you! You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for making everything run so smoothly on the lead up and on the actual day.
— Infosys Consulting
So pleased I found you in 2015, really enjoyed working with you last year and looking forward to more parties with you this year!
Just want to say a million “Thanks” for last night – we’ve been receiving emails from the executive management team this morning telling us what a fantastic night they had. Please could you pass on our thanks to the team at Café, they really helped towards making it a great night. What struck me most was how personable they all were and they really made us feel welcome. Also, thanks so much for organising the entertainment, please pass on our thanks to all the entertainers they were superb and a real change from the usual Christmas party. Something that struck me was that people seemed to stay much later than usual, I think this is because they were enjoying the acts so much.
— Red Bee Media
Best Party ever! #FACT
Venue, food and Music was awesome! The team were brilliant, they sorted and tended all our needs. Please pass our thanks to them.
— MEC Global
Working with Jiant is like rolling down a stress free floating red carpet right to the night of the party into the door and sipping pre event champers. Jiant left us very little to do apart from looking at a few venues, tasting some food, laughing a lot and sampling cocktails the hardest part was partying hard on the night! Thanks Tanner
— Radio 1
Tash we had such a good time. It was great to have you there overseeing every aspect (and there were many you thought of!) and it meant I could relax straightaway and enjoy the evening.
It was a fab venue and the staff were fantastic.
— Deutsche Bank
My head is not so good today… I took the morning off so I could sleep more… You are very sensible!

Thank you so much for yesterday and everything!
The party was fabulous, and everyone had a great time. We are knackered today!!
I would like to extend our very warm thanks to you guys for helping us in our seemingly endless search for venue and patience with our demands and changes. It was certainly worth it on the night, Pacha was a great venue. You were incredibly flexible with our last minute ideas and on the night proved a really unflappable and exceptionally experienced event planner. We had a quite busy 30 minute period with MD speaking, video playing, graduate dance, then a surprise VIP guest (Tess Daly) and you were brilliant at coordinating. The food was gorgeous too and there was loads of it. So all in all, a great night. All done for another year!
— L'Oreal
Thank you again for helping us organise our annual Winter Press Reception. It was truly a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves, everything ran smoothly. Please pass on my thanks to Aqua Nueva’s staff who were very helpful and professional throughout the evening. The venue is fantastic! Always a pleasure to work with you Jenny!
— Societe General
Firstly, I would like to personally thank you for all your help, not just in the Cavendish Square party, but with all the others as well. You’re amazing and it makes my life so much easier! Thank you so much for all your help with our party, I have had nothing but extremely positive feedback from everyone who attended. I was very impressed with the venue, it is perfectly located, very easy to get to (especially as we had overseas clients attending) and beautifully decorated with a very fine attention to detail. Even though we had light rain a few times during the night, the outdoor space was sheltered enough that we hardly noticed. The food was of an exceptionally high quality and wonderfully presented, so please pass on my thanks to the chef - he’s amazing! The team at No5 were incredibly professional, very helpful and made the whole evening run with seamless perfection.
— Spectron Group
I had so much fun, a little too much fun ;) and I have had great feedback from the team so thank you so much for all your help with the evening and I really appreciated you coming on the night to help run things.
— Wilton Holdings
You both did an absolute sterling job and helped us to get everyone in a very much needed good mood.

We cant thank you enough!!!!!!!!
— Grey